These FAQs are specific to the ‘RE Today – Primary RE Curriculum’ within ‘Primary School Enhanced membership’.

RE Today - Primary RE Curriculum - FAQs

What are the features of the RE Today – Primary RE Curriculum resource?

  • Learning Pathways – Easy to follow step-by-step lesson plans.
  • Knowledge Organisers – Key facts and information for each unit.
  • Classroom Ready PowerPoint PowerPoints – Designed to support you in each lesson.
  • Easily adaptable by you.
  • Assessment Materials – To help you assess pupil progression.
  • Sticky Knowledge Quizzes – Based on retrieval practice.
  • Key Vocabulary – That your pupils need, which is specific to each unit.
  • Full ongoing support through School Enhanced Membership (includes FREE course worth up to £210).


What are the benefits of the RE Today – Primary RE Curriculum resource?

  • Everything you need to teach to teach RE throughout your school (EYFS, lower KS1 and upper KS2).
  • Expertly sequenced to allow concepts to build in-depth and be revisited over time.
  • Ready-to-use Lesson Plans, PowerPoints, and Knowledge Organisers.
  • Knowledge is built clearly with misconceptions identified.
  • Challenging, engaging lessons.
  • Easily adaptable to be tailored to your context.
  • Designed by expert primary teachers for teachers.
  • Ongoing support by your RE subject association – NATRE.
  • Clear pupil progression of knowledge throughout key stages.
  • Giving subject leaders the confidence to talk well about their subject and feel equipped to support their staff to teach well.


How can I buy the RE Today – Primary RE Curriculum?


Why is the RE Today – Primary RE Curriculum part of the NATRE membership?

  • RE Today and NATRE have collaborated to ensure that you receive everything you need to deliver high-quality RE lessons instantly through the Primary RE Curriculum but with NATRE you will also receive ongoing support through free and discounted CPD opportunities as well as access to all NATRE resources that can deepen your subject knowledge and enhance your RE teaching, taking it to the next level.


I am an existing NATRE member, so what happens?

  • If you are a Primary School Enhanced member already, you will receive the RE Today – Primary RE Curriculum as part of your membership from September 2023 onwards. If you are any other type of member and would like to access RE Today’s Primary RE Curriculum, you can upgrade your membership to School Enhanced and pay the difference. Simply email


What will the membership renewal costs be?

  • The membership renewal cost is £370.


We don’t use your RE syllabus – will the resources be any good to us?

  • Each lesson is written with locally agreed syllabi in mind and will complement a large variety of schemes of work. The plans are flexible and adaptable by teachers. Much of the content will align with many agreed syllabi so even if the key question is not an exact match there will be strong links in vocab, content, and sequencing.
  • As a school, you may wish to use your current agreed syllabus and match the units to the themes that you find within it.  If your Agreed Syllabus features Understanding Christianity, or you as a school choose to use this, you will find a huge range of lesson plans that link to this planning tool.
  • Of course, as an academy or a VA church school, alongside your governing body, you may choose to write your own Agreed Syllabus, in which case, you may choose to use RE Today Syllabus B and use these materials to complement what you are already doing.  These resources give lots of options, are flexible, and will challenge your pupils within their RE learning journey.  If you want to ask more specific questions about your school or context, do get in touch with us directly at

When will I get access to the resources?

  • The first set of resources will be EYFS and will be available from September 2023. We will email you to let you know when you can access these. We will also post within the member’s area on the NATRE website.
    All remaining resources will be made available throughout the academic year 23/24.


How do we access the resources?

  • The member’s area will have a secure member-only pod on the NATRE website which will take you to a sub-site where you will be able to find your resources.


Why should I join?

  • If you want to equip your pupils with high-quality knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious worldviews, to help them live harmoniously in our diverse society, then join NATRE today.


How does your offer differentiate from other RE providers?

  • We provide a high-quality fully robust support package that includes NATRE member benefits such as resources, CPD support, lobbying for your subject and much more. You get all this as well as exposure to our team of expert RE Today Advisers who have been teaching and training teachers of RE/RVE/RME for over 30 years.
  • NATRE is the subject association that is specific to the needs of teachers of RE/RVE/RME within the classroom environment, and it is directly linked to the products and services provided by the leading RE organisation in the UK – RE Today which includes ongoing support from the RE Today Adviser team.
  • NATRE in collaboration with RE Today has over 30 years of training and support RE teachers in the classroom. With this experience, we have a breadth of knowledge on providing high-quality, ongoing support and resources to our teachers on the ground.
  • We are Religion and Worldviews specialists that can help you deliver high-quality RE in your schools to help achieve a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • We have experience working with over 50% of SACREs on their syllabus models and this resource is a product of our high-quality output.


How do the resources link with our RE syllabus?

  • They provide all the background knowledge and classroom activities required to fully cover off the units within the RE syllabus.


Will there be a resource option for Secondary Teachers?

  • We are launching in phases and will be releasing a secondary enhanced member offering soon.


Why is Secondary Enhanced membership the same price as Primary Enhanced membership when it does not come with the same resources?

  • Secondary Enhanced membership costs £270 and the price will remain until we have a secondary offering, similar to the primary offering. The cost for the primary will increase to £370 after the early bird offer ends.


I see that the price has increased, how does this affect my renewal?

  • Current Primary Enhanced members the opportunity to take advantage of the new resources, other membership packages the opportunity to upgrade (pay the difference from your current package to Primary Enhanced) and new customs the opportunity to purchase these resources. When your renewal is due, each membership period shall automatically renew for a subsequent period of the same length as the initial payment schedule unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least (30) days prior to the expiration of the current term, on renewal, you will pay £370 per year


Why is the RE Today curriculum not sold separately to NATRE?

  • RE Today want to ensure that as a teacher of RE, you’re fully equipped not just with ready-to-use lesson plans and resources but with ongoing expert-led training, teacher support, publications, access to regular updates on your subject that will enable you to take your teaching to the next level, which is what you get with NATRE.

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