Exploring Religion and Worldviews: Vol. 2 Non-Religious Worldviews



Exploring Non-religious worldviews: Knowledge rich substantive content about Humanists, weddings, ethical decisions, a case study of a humanist charity, philosophy and Aristotle.  

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  • Published: 01/04/2023
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Exploring non-religious worldviews: This 9 volume series will offer 7 books looking at specific religious and non-religious worldviews and 2 books with a more general focus on big ideas and celebrations. The numbers of those who self- identity as non-religious have increased over the last 50 years. Just as in our study of specific religions the non-religious are a diverse group. As with all religious worldviews there is great diversity amongst the non-religious. For example in the 2021 census In 22.2 million people in England and Wales said they have no religion. (Scholars have started referring to such people as ‘Nones’). Those who hold non-religious worldviews do not have a founding figure or a holy text to look to instead they use reason to help them decide to live.  

In the primary school it is useful to focus some of our teaching of the non-religious on a specific case study of a significant and noticeable non-religious group. Several of our units focus on humanists as a specific non-religious group from how humanists decide how to make a difference for younger pupils to a case study of a Humanist for our oldest pupils. 

This book explores the diversity of non-religious worldviews by offering clear content about weddings for a humanist couple and another non-religious couple, looks at how 3 non-religious people (a humanist, an ethical vegan and another non-religious child) make ethical decisions and how a humanist woman set up a charity as a result of her humanist beliefs. There is a clear philosophical focus on how to be happy using the ideas of Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. 

We are pleased to have a contribution from Humanists UK who offer visitors into schools and have a good resource website Understanding Humanism.  

In each section we make it clear what vocabulary pupils will be encountering and learning as well as the essential knowledge they will gain in the unit. Prior learning and next steps are identified to ensure knowledge and understanding is built up over time. There is also a background knowledge section to support the teacher with their own subject knowledge. For each section there are links to the Welsh RVE and Scottish RME curriculum. 

Each unit has PowerPoint available for NATRE members to use when teaching with your pupils. On our website we have also listed key links to other digital resources. 

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  • ISBN: 978-1-910261-94-1
  • SKU: 230201
  • Published: 20230401
  • Pages: 36

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