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Exploring Christian worldviews: Using different ways of knowing to explore the Nativity story including global art, Easter through the eyes of Baptist and Catholic Christians, a map to explore Churches in Cardiff with a focus on a local Catholic Church and comparison with a Baptist church.  Christian footballers show us how they live out their beliefs and there is a theological lens used to study two parables; wise and foolish builders and Good Samaritan.

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  • Published: 01/01/2024
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In this book we have focussed on different Christian communities and how they celebrate, their art and beliefs.

Each unit has clear subject knowledge for teachers and pupils. As you use the different sections note the different methods we share for you to use with pupils and reflecting Theological, Philosophical or Human/sociological ways of knowing.

For our youngest pupils we explore ideas of light through tuff tray activities and then introduce the idea of Jesus as the light of the world with the Christmas nativity story and images from around the world. We focus on Holy Week and Easter celebrations for Baptists and Catholics using quotes from people form the different denominations. On our centre pages we have a great map of a suburb of Cardiff looking at different churches. In this section of the book we then focus in on the Catholic Church and their plan to meet the needs of their community and then compare that with the local Baptist Church.

Three footballers; Bukayo Sako, Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford are a focus to find out about how they live out their Christian worldviews and then a contrasting example of Wangari Maathai, green Christian and Nobel Peace Prize winner is explored. Finally a theological lens is used to explore the parable of the wise and foolish builders and the Good Samaritan. As ever we provide lots of background knowledge for teachers and subject leaders in our background knowledge sections, explanation of concepts and use of data.

Classroom ready resources are essential for teachers which is why each unit has PowerPoint available for NATRE members to use when teaching with your class – do go to the website and look for these. On our website we have also listed key links to other digital resources.

This 9 volume series will offer 7 books looking at specific religious and non-religious worldviews and 2 books with a more general focus on big ideas and celebrations.

  • ISBN: 240102
  • SKU: 240102
  • Published: 20240101
  • Pages: 36

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