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Using different disciplines or ways of knowing to explore stories from Guru Nanak, a traditional tale to understand God and text from the Guru Granth Sahib. The book includes teaching on sewa, case studies on gurdwaras and the Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) alongside resources to help pupils understand the foundations of Sikhi.

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  • Published: 01/04/2024
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Exploring Sikh Worldviews is the fifth book in our Primary curriculum series Exploring Religion and worldviews. Sikh people can be found across the world with some of the largest communities in India, Canada and the UK. The term Sikhism, often used in RE, is contested by many, seen as colonial and a Western imposition on the tradition. As you will see on these pages many prefer the term Sikhi, showing that it is not just a system of beliefs but a path to follow. There is diversity in how Sikhs choose to practice their faith shown by how they visibly show belonging for instance which if any of the 5ks they wear and whether they wear a turban. However it is often the values that are most important to the majority of Sikhs which we show in our choices for the articles in this book. 

Each unit has clear subject knowledge for teachers and pupils. As you use the different sections note the different methods we share for you to use with pupils and reflecting Theological, Philosophical or Human/sociological ways of knowing. 

For our youngest pupils we explore the turban as a sign of belonging for some Sikhs and then look at value of sewa, selfless service through story and examples of action. We then go onto explore the gurdwara as a local place of worship and much more for the Sikh community. Pupils also learn about the Harimandir Sahib or Golden Temple at Amritsar and how it has a special place in Sikh history and spirituality. Older pupils explore the three foundations or pillars of Sikhi; Nam Japna (remembering the name of Waheguru-God), Kirat Karna (earning an honest living) and Vand Chakna (generosity and self-sacrifice). These are explored through text from the guru Granth Sahib and charities such as Khalsa aid and Langar aid. With our oldest pupils we look at the first words in the Guru Granth Sahib and how they are understood and used. 

This book includes stories from the Gurus, excellent pictures of Gurdwara’s to use with pupils and information from Sikh people themselves. For the teacher and subject leader we have infographic information and clear subject knowledge. 

As ever we provide lots of background knowledge for teachers and subject leaders in our background knowledge sections, explanation of concepts and use of data. 

Each unit has a PowerPoint available for NATRE members to use when teaching with your class – do go to the website and look for these. On our website we have also listed key links to other digital resources. 

This 9 volume series will offer 7 books looking at specific religious and non-religious worldviews and 2 books with a more general focus on big ideas and celebrations.  

  • ISBN: 240204
  • SKU: 240204
  • Published: 20240401
  • Pages: 36

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