Myself Who Am I?



This PDF unit enables pupils to think about aspects of identity shown in family, community and the choices they make. They hear some religious stories about who we are, and talk about some beliefs linked to these stories. They discover that some objects are special because they can help us answer the question: who am I?


This PDF unit uses material from the Christian religion to explore questions about identity and belonging for pupils in Year 1. There are opportunities to share what happens in their own family life and to find out what happens in a place of worship. They are enabled to think simply about their own identity and sense of belonging. Belonging is explored, first in the simple sense of ‘things that belong to me’, my possessions. This is used to develop the idea that we belong in families, to each other, we belong together in some ways as people and we belong (for some) to God as well. These different kinds of belonging are part of who we are.
The unit then considers religious examples of signs of belonging such as special clothes, special food and special objects with a focus on Christianity. Pupils choose some of their own special things and link them up to some of the religious objects they encounter.
Suitable for Year Group 1.

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